Stage 1: Pre-Draft

Illustration of stages for the Pre-Draft preparation

This stage consists of 4 steps:

  • A Pre-Draft Public Consultation.
  • The preparation of a Chief Executive’s Report on the public consultation.
  • The issuing of strategic directions from the Elected Members regarding the preparation of the plan.
  • The preparation and approval of a draft plan and associated Strategic Environmental Assessment Environmental Report and Appropriate Assessment Natura Impact Report.

The pre-draft Public Consultation concluded on the 3rd of June 2022. The Council would like to thank everyone who attended the drop in events, made submissions or completed the survey. 

You can view the submissions which were received during the pre-draft public consultation here.

Chief Executive’s Report has now been prepared on the submissions received during the pre-draft public consultation.  This report lists the submissions made, gives the opinion of the Chief Executive to the issues raised and makes recommendations on the policies to be included in the draft development plan.  The Councillors will consider said report before the draft development plan is made.  See below. 

Chief Executive report cover page

During the pre-draft public consultation an Issues and Options paper was published.